Your no1 Muay Thai Promotion

Lingnoi Promotions was founded in 2018 and has successfully produced national championships in Muay Thai, MMA and co-promoted international fightingevents in Sweden. In 2021 we launched our very own fighting series; Muay Thai For Life (MTFL).

In addition to becomig an ambassador for the beautiful art of muay thai, our goal was to create a simple yet spectacular product. MTFL has become a series of worldclass fightingevents with world champions and spectacular productions.

Since we launched MTFL 1.0 in october 2021 (in the middle of global pandemic with restrictions and what not) we have established ourselves as Scandinavias foremost muay thai promotion. At MTFL 2.0 we had a growth of almost 35% in all areas.

MTFL 3.0 is set for September 2022 and you will be entertained!